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Education Management

Centrado Tech provides the State of Art Experiential Learning Packages on Electronics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Robotics to enhance the STEM learning in students. All packages are designed as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) , comprehensive modules with complete video libraries and Apps, aimed to bring conceptual clarity and connect students to hundreds of real life applications

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Looking for a value added partner in education, providing innovative solution, contents & products? Need comprehensive project kits for educational purposes? Need niche STEM products & solutions?

Featured Products

Electronic STEM Kits

"Mini Electronic Lab in a box!"

Centrado Tech introduces its flagship product, the "Electronic STEM kits" to promote conceptual learning in students. It covers 40+ important, fundamental laws of Electricals and Electronics.

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STACK - STEM based Tinkering

Arduino Curriculum Kit

STACK is built on the powerful Arduino platform to empower teachers and educators to inculcate innovation, creativity, design-thinking, logical and analytical skills in students.

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SPIKE - STEM based PI Kits for


SPIKE is a gateway to the world of STEM, where students can explore and interface different programming platforms with electronics. With Raspberry Pi students are introduced to a wider and newer arena of innovation and creativity.

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