Centrado Tech Solutions Pvt Limited is Technology Solution and Supply Chain Service provider in the field of Electronics, Mechanical, Information and Communication Technology....

Technology Products & Solutions

Centrado provides niche products in Information Technology. Offers world-class products, value-added apps & contents in academic domain.

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Education Management

Centrado provides state of art Science experiment kits video content and apps to enhance practical learning in students. Provides unique solutions for skill development of students, a well connected and collaborative platform for schools and well designed tools for online assessment.

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Looking for a value added partner in education, providing innovative solution, contents & products? Need experiment kits for educational purposes? Need niche IT products & Services?

Featured Products

Science Kits

Components & materials for hands-on science activities and experiments, with a range of grade levels, perfect for kids and adults

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Collaborative Platforms for Campus

A cloud based, secure & private connecting platform for the teachers, students & the parents, with the 100% control through school.

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Skill Development Test Module

The Cognitive Learning Program aims to assess the level of cognitive skills among the students and study the effectiveness of gamification on enhancement of cognitive skills among school students.

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